What would it be like to have instant access to your full Steam™ games library on your widescreen TV? How would you like to play Half-Life 3 in high-resolution from the comfort of your couch? All of this could be possible with the release of Valve's rumored "Steam Box" gaming console. And you can be sure that when that happens, SteamBox.net will be here to keep you up-to-date.

Valve has recently filed a patent for a new controller design.
Just a coincidence? Some think not, but that's up to you to decide.

Ever since talk of the Steam Box began to circulate, Valve has denied that a console is in the works. But Valve is also notoriously tight-lipped about their product releases, and it wouldn't be the first time they've kept a major project secret. Who do you believe?


New Steam Controller Design Surfaces
Tom's Hardware Guide
The last we heard about Valve Software's Steam controller, the peripheral lost its touchscreen and gained a few buttons. At the time, reports stated that the screen was removed because Valve felt that it was just too distracting. However, there's a ...
Tech Detective Finds Alleged New Steam Controller DesignChinatopix
New Steam Controller layout adds analog stick to touch controlsGameZone

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Alienware Alpha is the first Steam Machine … but it runs Windows, and comes ...
Alienware has announced that its Steam Machine — the Alienware Alpha — will be available in November for $550. Curiously, though, the Alpha — which should be the first commercially available Steam Machine — won't ship with Valve's purpose-built ...
Alienware's 'Alpha' Console Lets You Play PC Games on Your TVWired

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Valve adds an analog stick to its Steam controller, making it sane
The Steam Box, SteamOS and so on are all actually pretty good ideas as a rule, but the Steam controller was just something I was never on board with. Granted, controller design could stand a reinvention or two; Valve is right that button on the face ...

It looks like Valve might have just silently launched Source 2.0
Once Valve gets things into gear, it's going to be non-stop for them. We have Steam OS, Steam Controller, Steam Box, Steam Machines, Half-Life 3, and various other sequels to expect from the company. But, one of those main cogs is Source 2, the company ...

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Metal Gear Solid V and Ground Zeroes confirmed for PC, new footage
As had pretty much already been revealed earlier, the Metal Gear Solid V Gamescom press event confirmed a Steam PC release. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will be coming too. Sadly, Kojima didn't have any release dates to share, besides the fact that ...

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Maingear Launches AMD-based Mini Gaming PC
Tom's Hardware Guide
Presumably because Valve Software's Steam controller still isn't ready for mass consumption, Maingear isn't waiting and is pushing this mini PC out the door with a fiery new name. Having no pre-installed OS leaves gamers with the ability to install ...

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The Independent

Gamescom 2014: what to look out for
The Independent
Valve. Missing out on Gamescom last year after the Steam Box was pushed back to 2015, this is the first time that the public will be able to get their mitts on the redesigned controllers. After some pretty 'meh' feedback about the original design, they ...

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Sony Discusses PlayStation Now Refinements, But Won't Comment on ...
You don't see Steam and Valve pulling this crap with the Steam Box. linthes999 5pts. It's like listening to a political rally. Never a direct answer to the main concerns. xcollector 5pts. Download rentals like what EA is doing is better than Streaming ...

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These PlayStation 1 'demakes' by NeoGAF artists will melt your mind
LOL Is English your first language? Just curious.. You are foolish if you think that Valve isn't getting into the console war. What exactly is the steam box again? yeah… okay.. Look at how excited everyone gets for the next big Xbox / Playstation ...

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Steam : de la musique, des séries et des films à venir ?
En début d'année, il se murmurait que Valve négociait des ayants-droit pour plus tard propulser un service de streaming avec musiques et vidéos depuis son logiciel. Une offre qui pourrait être des plus intéressantes pour les possesseurs de Steam Box ...

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