What would it be like to have instant access to your full Steam™ games library on your widescreen TV? How would you like to play Half-Life 3 in high-resolution from the comfort of your couch? All of this could be possible with the release of Valve's rumored "Steam Box" gaming console. And you can be sure that when that happens, SteamBox.net will be here to keep you up-to-date.

Valve has recently filed a patent for a new controller design.
Just a coincidence? Some think not, but that's up to you to decide.

Ever since talk of the Steam Box began to circulate, Valve has denied that a console is in the works. But Valve is also notoriously tight-lipped about their product releases, and it wouldn't be the first time they've kept a major project secret. Who do you believe?

Ars Technica

Zotac's new Steam OS box isn't worth the headaches | Ars Technica
Ars Technica
SN970 is great hardware, but Valve needs to take a long, hard look at Steam OS.
Hey, Valve: What's the point of SteamOS? | Ars Technica UKArs Technica UK

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Game Revolution

Tim Sweeney Believes Windows 10 Is Sabotaging Valve's Steam
Game Revolution
Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has not minced words when it has come to what he believes to be (and will be) a sneaky, underhanded strategy that Microsoft has taken with Windows 10 in locking down the PC platform. Beyond that, he believes that it's ...

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Steam Machine hands-on: Does Valve's hardware live up to its potential?
Building a one-off spec and saying, "This is going to be THE Steam Box" — that would be a lot easier to approach it that way. For us, it would be this stable platform. We could target it in really specific ways. But the trade-off you're making is a ...
Alienware Steam Machine hands-on: Valve's vanguard for PC gaming in the living roomPCWorld
The Alienware Steam Machine: finally, a gaming PC for the living roomEngadget
Valve plans to finally improve Steam customer serviceKitGuru
PC Magazine -CNET -Kotaku Australia -GameSpot
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Valve's Steam Gaming Hardware Hits Home
Though some of the steam from Valve's new machines may have seeped out as Windows 10 rolled in, the company has pushed forward with its plans to push Steam OS and its console-like Steam boxes. A Steam box is what was known as a home theater PC, ...
SteamOS suffers massive performance hits over Windows 10SlashGear
Tests show SteamOS can reduce gaming performance by 50%KitGuru

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Steam Machines: Valve's PC-like game consoles explained
TechRadar UK
The Steam Machines themselves aim to make PC gaming in the living room more accessible, further developing on the precedent Valve set years prior with its 10-foot "Big Picture Mode" user interface. Think of the Steam Machine not as one device, but a ...

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Want a Steam Console? Well, Hope You Like GameStop
New ideas can make strange bedfellows: The world's biggest brick-and-mortar game retailers are teaming up with the online game marketplace Steam to bring Valve's gaming hardware to their stores. GameStop will be the exclusive brick-and-mortar retailer ...
Valve To Get Dedicated Steam Section In Video Game StoresWe Got This Covered

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Gabe Newell: Valve's Steam Machines Outperform Consoles at Same Price Point
With Valve's long-awaited initiative to bring PC gaming to the living room now just days away, the head of the company has claimed its hardware line-up can offer better performance-value than consoles. In an interview with Develop, Gabe Newell was ...
Gabe Newell: Steam Machines Perform Better For Less Than ...PlayStation LifeStyle
Steam Machines: Console killer or vanity project?Develop

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The Verge

How Valve's Steam Box will reinvent the game console as you know it
The Verge
Update: On Monday, September 23rd, Valve announced a crucial component of its push for the living room: SteamOS. With two additional announcements teased for the coming days, we're expecting to get a first look at Valve's official Steam Box hardware ...
Steam Box To Be 'Cheaper Than Consoles,' Eventually Down To $0Game Rant
Valve's Gabe Newell argues for PC gaming in the living room — but Apple is scaryVentureBeat

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Valve Teases Steam Box Announcement For Monday
The debate over the future of living room consoles is about to get a whole lot broader. Right now the contest is squarely contained between the Xbox One and the PS4, but there's another player lurking in the shadows: Valve, King of PC gaming and ...
Steam Box: Valve Teases Fans About 'Three Announcements Next Week'Game Rant
Three big Valve announcements coming next week, probably a Linux-based Steam BoxPC Gamer Magazine
Valve Steam Box Announcement Due Monday [REPORT]ValueWalk
The Escapist -Headlines & Global News -PCGamesN
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The Verge

We play with the Steam Machine, Valve's game console of the future
The Verge
Valve Corporation, the video game developer responsible for Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and the digital distribution platform Steam, has an ambitious plan to reinvent the video game console. But don't expect the so-called Steam Machine to take on ...
Valve Lines Up Console Partners in Challenge to Microsoft, SonyBloomberg
Valve unveils one of the 300 Steam Machine prototypesHEXUS
How to design a gamepad: A look at Valve's Steam Controller prototypesExtremeTech
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